International Menno Simons Center - Heart of our heritage
A great deal has been preserved of the history of Menno Simons and the heirs to his body of thought. Books, maps, lithographs, photographs, there is an enormous wealth of material. Like the Mennonites themselves, these historic witnesses are however spread all across the globe. The International Menno Simons Center is looking for ways to collect, preserve and explain the visual material and make it accessible to everyone via the Internet.
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Mission: Reflection via presentations
But there is more than the knowledge this source material provides us with. Reflection and contemplation on the unique Mennonite elements also occur in people's hearts and minds. The International Menno Simons Center (IMSC) not only wishes to serve the worldwide brethren by keeping the heritage alive in a material sense, but in a spiritual sense as well. We would like to provide material for reflection and contemplation.

We offer you this material in the form of presentations. The ISMC provides guided tours, opportunities for people to meet each other or to study, to reflect and be inspired by the unique Mennonite elements yesterday, today and tomorrow. Fortunately we ourselves also receive help and inspiration. Thanks in part to the help of numerous active volunteers, our Center has become the heart of our Mennonite heritage.

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