STOP 1: Pingjum. Welcome in the Mennonite 'schuilkerkje’ (‘hiddenchurch’). Watch a new introductory film about 500 years of the Anabaptist/Mennonite Movement. To order DVD: Mail to info@mennosimonscentrum.nl - available from May 14th 2011

visit the now protestant Victorius Church at Pingjum, where Menno Simons was ordained as vicar in 1524. A computer-animated film 'Meeting Menno Simons' will be presented.

a visit to the protestant Koepelkerk (‘dome church’) at Witmarsum, the very spot where Menno Simons left the Roman Catholic Church. Here he chose to go his own way and lead a hazardous life. See an interactive photo exhibition in this warm and wonderfully restored church building.

Art quality portraits by the renowned Dutch professional photographer Bert Janssen portray individual representatives of 110 present-day Dutch Mennonite Congregations: ‘Mennonite. My passion!’ Additional

interesting material will be presented by both traditional means and by use of interactive multi-touch screen table.

STOP 4: a visit to the Witmarsum Mennonite 'Vermaning' Church, to see the exhibition ‘Mennonite diaspora’


Here one can trace the historical dispersion of Mennonites and the establishment of new communities all over the world. Beliefs and motivation, the need to keep on moving, their suffering, survival, customs and culture.

STOP 5: : and finally the visit to the Menno Simons Monument and the sculpture (of the former local Mennonite) church building (let's sing our hymns from home!) at Witmarsum. The surroundings have been renewed, and a new parking area and the newly created reflection footpath to the monument will be ready by May 14, 2011, when MENNO2011 takes off.

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